Mini pancakes / Pancookies

The name "pancookies" is just a pet name I gave this desert because they really are the size of a cookie (or at least it is recommended that you make them that way) and also, the mix isn't exactly like the one you would make for pancakes. :) But you can try and make them yourselves and see for yourself. :D This is a improvised recipe of a dear friend of mine who is also a fan of healthy food like me so I believe that you will like it. :D

You Will Need:

For the mix:

  • 2 half-sour/half-sweet apples (grated)
  • 2 handfuls walnuts
  • 2 handfuls almonds
  • about 150g cranberries/raisins (I recommend cranberries and preferably fresh ones, not dried)
  • a bit of sugar (2-3 spoons should be enough, but you can add more if you like)
  • milk
  • water (mineral or carbonated, up to you)
  • flour
  • 2 eggs
  • a pinch of salt
  • sunflower oil

For the topping:

(not obligatory)
  • forest fruits (I used frozen or more precisely this kind)
  • water
  • sugar

How To Prepare:

  1. Grate the apples and chop up/mill the walnuts and almonds.
  2. Make pancake mix but slightly thicker (mix eggs, flour, milk, water, a bit of sugar and a pinch of salt - I recommend an electric mixer. You can add a bit of sunflower oil so it doesn't stick to the pan).
  3. Add apples, walnuts, almonds and cranberries to the pancake mix.
  4. Check to see if more flour is needed so the mix isn't too watery (it will then be horrible to control on the pan). Add more sugar if you feel the need (though cranberries give their own sweetness, but raisins don't so it also depends on which you choose).
  5. Heat up oil on the frying pan (I recommend a non-stick pan) and pour out the excess oil; after all, the cookies are supposed to be healthy so try to avoid any additional oil or other fats.
  6. Use a larger spoon to pour out the mixture onto the pan (as thin as possible). Turn on both sides so it fries evenly.
  7. Put each cookie/pancake on the side on a napkin to let the excess oil drain out (the napkin will soak it up).

The topping:

  1. Put the forest fruits (either frozen or fresh...whichever you prefer) into a saucepan.
  2. Add a bit of water and sugar to it and heat this all up until it is hot and the sugar has melted.

How To Serve:

The pancookies/mini pancakes can be either hot/cold but I recommend the topping is still warm when you serve them.

Enjoy! :D

P.S. You will notice that these cookies seem very integral. For those that aren't used to this kind of diet it may seem bland though I did get good comments on this meal. But you be the judge of their quality and post your thoughts in the comments section. :)

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