Vještičje sijelo 2013 ("The Witches' Site 2013") - experiences

The view of our site the last day, just before the ritual of Raising the group's energy
Yesterday night, while the moon was still bright and the stars were shining, I returned home from a physical and more importantly spiritual journey which I will remember as long as I live. I met so many wonderful people, experienced so many new things that I just don't know how I could put it all into words. And, of course, I was reunited with all those that I know from before and who have become wonderful friends to me in time. 

I am writing this account of my experiences partly because of myself, but also partly because of you. I don't want to risk forgetting everything that happened there (even though I think that's impossible) so I'm writing this post to relive everything that I experienced there. I am also writing it in order to share my experiences with you, although I have the urge to write a few more separate posts on certain rituals and workshops we did during our stay. 

Coffee was always being
prepared so I had to post
a photo of this "ritual" too :)
The organization was flawless! Everything was held on time, there was enough free time, but also enough rituals and workshops during which we had the chance to learn so much! For this, I congratulate our dear Green who gave it her all so this could turn out the way it did. I would also like to thank the owners of the land who recently began working on an Eco Camp called "Djeca Sunca" (Children of the Sun) where this year's Site was held. In addition, all of this was documented by Rade Jug, our dear photographer, who did a great job.

I am unable to single out any more individuals when it comes to giving thanks because everyone was just amazing. Those with whom I have made a strong connection can feel it without my saying so. Everything that was done was done in a group; from pitching our tents to packing up, preparing meals, chopping wood, making preparations for rituals and so on. 

Not being sure where to begin, I will follow the advice of those who have already asked me for a report of events: "Start chronologically". I am not going to write a report on everything, but I will write a small account of one or two things per day that really astonished me.

At first sight, I was moved by the view; verdure all around us, everything bursting with life, and not to mention that the weather was also on our side. So here are a few photos so you can also enjoy the sights. :)

The view from a nearby meadow which was right above our dale
A view of our campsite with all the tents put up
We also had two animal friends who kept us company during our stay - a horse named Sokol (Falcon) and a dog called Grom (Thunder). :) both were exceptionally nice and happy, although Falcon decided to be a bit naughty so he ate practically all of our onions...but we forgave him.

We had a few workshops the first day one of which was called "Devotional and magickal gestures in Neopaganism" and another which gave me my first magical experience of this journey - "Finding your power animal". The first workshop was very theoretical, but also very useful, while the other one was very practical by nature. We were lead through a guided meditation or rather a shamanic journey in search of our power animal. I believe that most of us succeeded, but the feelings that were awoken during this workshop are simply inexplicable. But you can try it out for yourself. :) I managed to find something similar to what we did on YouTube, but not quite the same, so if you are willing and have some free time, you can find the video here.

Not many photos were taken during the rituals mainly because everyone was too busy with the ritual, although the few that were taken you have the privilege to see here. :) 

A photo during our meditation with crystals with which everyone was amazed. In addition to this, everyone took home one crystal with which they made a bond.
An unfinished product from our smudge stick workshop (this shall be used as an incense stick in two-week's time as soon as it dries).
The preparations for a ritual entitled "stick and feather" during which we each gave a gift to the earth on which we were staying.

What follows are a few photos from a workshop entitled "Ancient ways of building houses" during which we actually helped build a house in the traditional way - using mud and straw. You can see for yourselves by the photos that were really had a lot of fun! :D

The preparations for a workshop entitled "Raising the group's energy" (help by yours truly) on which I will write a separate review in one of my next posts.
This is only a small part of the work we did together that brought us closer, and if I were to start listing it all, this post would have no end. Some experiences I simply can't explain with words, but will perhaps try to in some of my next posts. All I can do is invite you to our next Witches' Site so you can join us and experience for yourself all of the things that astonished us and lead us on a spiritual journey, and sense the wonderful atmosphere on your own skin.

Although I will keep a few things to myself...you know, sweet little secrets. ;)
If you want to read in more detail what we did and see a few more photos you can read Green's report on her blog (although it is in Croatian). It really is a wonderful post and very emotional. I didn't have the strength to write about the Site in such detail because I would have just started crying but she succeeded. Bravo Green!

I hope you enjoyed the photos. For now, I and the whole team from the Witches' Site 2013 send you their best!

And for those of you that were there, many hugs and kisses from Split! :D :D :D Love you all lots!

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