Traditional Gingerbread Cookies

This is the second time in my life that I'm making these so have mercy :) I really did give an effort so this post is intended for me to share my experience :D I made them according to quite an old traditional recipe that may be familiar to you. :D

You will need:

  • 50dkg plain flour
  • 1 spoon sodium bicarbonate
  • 15dkg sugar (crystal)
  • a bit of cinnamon (depending on your taste)
  • 10 crushed cloves
  • 3 eggs
  • 16dkg honey (I added a bit more)
  • a bit of milk and rum (for cakes) depending on your taste
  • a bit of lemon zest (also according to your taste)

How to prepare:

  1. Mix together flour and sodium bicarbonate with sugar, cinnamon, cloves and eggs.
  2. Parboil this mixture with hot honey.
  3. Form the dough on a floured wooden surface (so it doesn't stick).
  4. Roll the dough until it is as thin/thick as you want it to be (keep in mind that it will rise during the baking process).
  5. Make it into shapes of your choosing using small cake molds (circles, abstract forms etc.) or with your hands.
  6. Before putting them into the oven, you can put a bit of egg whites (unbeaten) mixed with powdered sugar on them or simply just sprinkle them with normal/powdered sugar after baking. It is also common to decorate them by putting a whole almond in the middle of one or by sprinkling chopped nuts on them (I "decorated" mine by just brushing them over with a bit of unbeaten egg-whites so they have that glossy look to them when they're done).
  7. Bake for 5-10 minutes at 150-160°C (don't let yourselves be fooled because they may seem quite pale on the outside but they tend to burn on the bottom parts quite quickly! I baked mine for about 8 minutes at 160°C).
And that's about it. I hope you will enjoy your nice winter food and that you will make your loved ones happy. Remember, even if your house is already full of sweets, there's always room for more ;)

Until next time. Yours,
Witch's Cat

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